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How To Fix A Leak

Apr 25, 2024


Imagine this short story:

You’ve got water on the floors in your house.

You don’t know a thing about how to fix it.

You call the professional plumber.

You pay him to come out.

He mops it up.


It works.

No more water.

The water comes back. You are CONFUSED.

You call a better plumber to get a second opinion.

He comes out with a better mop.


It works.

No more water on the floors.

The water comes back again!

Now you’re really starting to get FRUSTRATED.

You call a third plumber who specializes in leaks.

He says your house is built on a tilt and there’s nothing you can do about it.

He sends you a service that is expensive, but comes weekly to mop up the water.


But the water comes back every day. Now you’re ANGRY.

You’re practically an expert at this point. So, you begin to mop it up yourself.

You change the fixtures on your sink, tub, and toilets.


The leak is worse than ever.

ENRAGED, you start to question the intentions of all plumbers!

You’re desperately trying to fix this leak. It’s ruining your life.

You call over handy men, contractors, and even the AC guy.


After finally getting the correct information, it’s clear that there is a leak from a broken pipe that needs to be repaired. Since the house is tilted, you will have to move out, temporarily.

You’ve already spent a lot of time and money trying to fix leak.

So you try to fix it yourself. You break more things and make it worse.

Now you have holes in your walls and water is still everywhere.

Eventually you become so DESPERATE, you concede.

You hire the expensive contractor, who coordinates a team to resolve the problem.

You move out for 5 months to get all of the necessary repairs made.

You repair the leak, replace your floors, and fix walls.

You hire a mold remediation company. etc.…

You’ve now paid 10 people, a TON of money, to finally solve this problem.



It seems silly.

Of course, you would just fix the leak in the first place.

After all, finding and fixing the root cause is what solves problems.


The problem is that most people don’t know anything about how to repair chronic disease in their body.

—–I’ve seen SO MANY people go through this exact experience with their health—–

Unfortunately, our medical philosophy keeps giving us solutions to mask the symptoms and telling us we live in tilted houses; our genetics are something we can’t change.

We’re told to just accept that we live in a damaged house and mop it up everyday.

The truth is that we always have the power to improve the root cause.

Tilted houses, like genetics, have a TENDANCY to be more difficult.

The hard parts:

Finding the right contractor

-Spending the money to actually solve to root cause of the problem.

– Making the necessary sacrifices to change.

Having patience in a culture of instant gratification.

The house won’t stop leaking until you do that.

No one is going to do it for you.

It’s only going to get worse.

You can sell your house.

But you probably shouldn’t sell your body 😉

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