This is Matt Lovitt's site for One-on-one Private Holistic Personal Training

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701 Papworth.


I'm available for speaking events.


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“It’s revolutionized how my body feels and looks!” - Rob Savoy of Cowboy Mouth 


“I can get down on the ground and get back up when I couldn’t before. I was on kidney dialysis and I’m not anymore.” - Sheila, Piano Teacher


“He’s talked me into cutting back on alcohol intake during the week...30 Minutes of hell but Matt keeps me motivated. It’s great work!” - George, Business Owner


“I didn’t expect to enjoy Yoga so much. It’s been another dimension to workout routine.” - Joyce, Law Office Manager


“I was having aches and pains. I was lethargic. I just feel so much better than when I started...I’ve never been as strong or as fit in my life at 66!” - Lynn, Artist and Painter