Initial Consultation ---$100


In person at the studio (701 Papworth)


Full Evaluation 

What is your story?

What is your experience? 

What are your goals?

Includes a Movement Screen, Habit Analysis, and Customized Program Design.


Click Here to See the Evaluation Sheet

My schedule is almost full. I do have a waiting list. Text 504-615-8164 for pricing and availability.

How often should I train?


1x a week ---Is good for accountability if you want to stabilize your health.


2x a week ---- We can make progress. 


3x a week--- If you are serious AF and ready to get in the zone. 

Diet Consultation- Ketogenic diet, Alkaline diet, FASTING or cleansing. -----$100

Theragun (massage gun) and stretching sessions also available:

Text 504-615-8164