Diet Consultation- Ketogenic diet, Alkaline diet, FASTING or cleansing.


Initial Consultation 



In person at the studio (701 Papworth)


Full Evaluation 

What is your story?

What is your experience? 

What are your goals?

Includes a Movement Screen, Habit Analysis, and Customized Program Design.


Click Here to See the Evaluation Sheet

$300 Full Starter package:

Full Evaluation  +  4 sessions

30+ Minute session 1 session- $45

45+ minute session-1 session- $70

60+ Minute session 1 session- $90

Ask about discounts for training multiple days a week.


How often should I train?


1x a week ---Is good for accountability if you want to stabilize your health.


2x a week ---- We can make progress. 


3x a week--- If you are serious AF and ready to get in the zone.

Text 504-615-8164

Theragun (massage gun) and stretching sessions also available: