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We have to feed our brain EMOTIONAL input to get ACTION out!

How to make a rocket fuel statement!

You can change your life a lot by doing just a little bit of homework.

We have to feed our brain EMOTIONAL input to get ACTION out!

Human beings are not motivated by logic. You know HOW to get things done. But still, you don’t get it done. It’s not because you lack discipline. You don’t need as much discipline if you are intrinsically motivated.

People that keep falling short and don’t get the work done are often extrinsically motivated-they do it for other people.

Emotional rocket fuel is the source of strong intrinsic motivation. It’s the reason why people reach big goals.

Some people work so they don’t starve. Some work so their kids can have a better future. Some work to prove what they are made of. Some want to change the world. Some just want peace.

People will do more to avoid pain than they will to seek pleasure. Pleasure keeps you going. Pain is the booster- used less frequently but it hits hard; pleasure is the gasoline- everyday fuel. Get both. Keep your focus on the positive future results. You are finding and activating your big why.

How to make your rocket fuel:

1. Be very clear on your dream. Imagine how you will feel when you reach your big objective.

Literally answer these questions and then put the answers into a paragraph.

Really imagine this visually in your mind.

Where are you? What do you hear? What do you see? What's your morning like? What's the best part of your day? What are your partner and kids doing? Who else is around? What will you have you overcome?

What is no longer in your life? How does it feel? How do you feel about yourself and your accomplishments?

What is your life going to be like if you don’t move forward with these changes?

Why must you get started now!?

When the why gets stronger, the how gets easier.

2. Remove the questions, leave the answers, organize those answers into a clear statement. Paint it with imagery and emotion. Less logic. Use as much emotion as possible.

3. Bring the attention and focus to what you will be doing. Assume your bad habits will fade because your so obsessed with your dream.

4. Make sure you do this when your energy is high. Jump up and down, get your energy flowing. Read through it again. Identify the emotions. IE.. Excitement, love, confidence, lots of energy. Edit it more. Make it touch you emotionally. Stack the emotions You must feel it!!!!

5. Read the statement every day to fill up with motivation. It’s like healthy food for the mind. Do whatever it takes to keep that fuel full. It must be emotionally compelling. It lives in your heart.

6. Keep it. Edit it. You can record your voice with music and listen to it every day.

Put it on your wall where you brush your teeth or anywhere you will see it every day.

7. Make a deliberate effort to read it as much as possible. It’s amazing how it influences your behavior. Read it a lot at first to set the mental pattern in your brain. Update it.

8. Anticipate when you will have slow days. Collect and keep other forms of fuel readily available. YouTube videos, places you want to live or visit. Music playlists. Whatever gets you amped!

9. Make sure it’s all fun! Don’t take life too seriously. It’s a game. Change your approach until you beat it!

Become so intrinsically motivated that it would take a small army to stop you.

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