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Take control of your life

You might want to share this one with anyone fighting health problems. It could change their life. Warning, this is intense. (Not related to the countries state of politics and the recent illness)

I had a friend ask me whether I thought she should take immunosuppressant medications. That prompted these thoughts.

This is a very sensitive conversation. Potentially controversial. But it’s extremely important.

The fact of the matter is this:

The large majority of people are simply not going to make the lifestyle changes that it takes to restore their health, holistically.

They would prefer to hide the symptoms with medication. Their life, their choice.

Large public health care systems simply do not have the resources for the people that do decide to dig deep and restore their health.

What if you ran a farm with 3,000 animals, and some got sick?

Would you have the resources to nurture each animal back to optimal health?

Or what you quickly medicate them and move on? What’s best for the farm ? What’s best for the animal?

This is for the ones that are lucky enough to be educated and refuse to be a “victim of circumstance.”

I want to remind you, because you need to hear this-


You can reverse disease or at least improve it. Without the long term side effects of medication.

You have that option. You have that choice.

For a variety of reasons, doctors simply won’t or can’t (legally) tell you that.

I’m saying this from the deepest part of my soul.

I have done this. I’ve destroyed myself. I fixed myself. I tried everything under the sun and I came out on the other side. Currently, I am exactly as healthy as I decide to be. I’m not confused as to what is effective and what is a waste of time and money.

Because I’ve done this, I’m the guy people call with these types of problems. I’m starting to understand that this is where I am most useful.

For the Medical professionals, people who have spent $100,000 on their education and thousands of hours studying medicine, investing in themselves — to help other people…. SOMETIMES they have a hard time viewing things from this holistic perspective.

After all, they decided to enter healthcare to help people. These are people with very pure intentions and I love all of them. They are certainly earning their paychecks these days.

These are often some of the smartest people in school. They know everything about medicine.

The fact is, most medicines have side effects and simply don’t reverse disease. There is obviously a time and a place for medication. Unfortunately, Western medicine IS for the majority of Americans: People who are not willing or able to make the necessary sacrifice.

Some of us are more ambitious and fortunate. We are determined to be free from pain and medication. But for whatever reason we have made mistakes in life or had bad luck.

Our body is systemically damaged. Our mind is confused.

Or, we are simply not getting the optimal performance that we demand of ourself.

I often see people in pain- they get lab tests with no clear indication of what’s going on. They cannot adapt or change their health with advice and the tools they’ve been given.

Maybe YOU have become desperate, you have exhausted your finances, your energy, and you’re now DEPLETED! Desperate and exhausted. You’ve met with many doctors, many holistic alternatives. Yet, you still can’t find the answers!

How could you? It’s EXTREMELY confusing!!

After all, this is a capitalism with self interested marketing and practical solutions. Of course we would like to resolve these issues as instantly as possible. Who hasn’t fallen for that?

Imagine the lives of people wanting to make this change:

You have no energy because you are sick, you’re forced to consistently weigh out your financial situation versus your health. Knowing you might fail, AGAIN!

You continue to invest even more money on your health when you simply have not had any benefit. AGAIN.

At what point do you just throw in the towel?

How can you throw in the towel on your entire life?

This is your only life. YOU CAN'T SUBMIT TO PAIN! You have to keep fighting!

The truth is —-it’s often not that easy and it takes a considerable sacrifice. More money, more discipline, more education, more failure and setbacks. It takes organization and motivation.

You want to FEEL CONFIDENT that the financial and energetic sacrifices that you make will CERTAINLY take you in the right direction!

Here’s a popular quote that I've heard from many of my clients:

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I don’t care what I have to sacrifice. Just tell me how to resolve this problem and I’ll do it.”

I’m not a magician. But I can usually answer that question. I’ve helped a lot of people navigate that confusion. I can usually see something they can’t.

Contact me if you need help.

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