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Pancha Karma Cleanse

I spent the week in Austin with Wahneta Trotter, a Certified Ayurvedic Specialist, Pancha Karma Specialist, and passionate holitic problem solver!

Ayurvedic Medicine is basically old Indian yoga medicine, the first medicine.

Wahneta has been doing Pancha Karma treatments for over 15 years.

“Pancha Karma” is a cleanse --7 days filled with treatments, specifically sequenced.

PK softens the body and loosens the tissues to connect the body and bring it back into balance.

There’s a setup phase and a follow up phase.

I went at least 2 months without any toxins.

no caffeine, no decaf

no alcohol

no sugar

no smoking, no cigars

no stimulants

no prescription drugs

no powdered supplements of any kind

I even removed meat and EXERCISE for a few weeks! Pretty tough!

I ate lots of mung beans, basmati rice, vegetables and ghee (clarified butter) in a soupy “Kitchari” as it’s called. I ate wet, hydrating foods, like oatmeal and stews.

Similar, in effect, to a 7 day fast, but a lot easier because I got to eat 3 meals a day!

It’s a lot SMOOTHER. It moves the CRAP out of your body. I’m not as full of shit as I used to be.

We used lots of oil!

What a project! I was amazed at the number of tools and treatments that Wahneta packed into 1 room over 7 days. 4 hours each day.

There’s a fundamental 7-day structure, but each person may need different herbs and other slight adjustments based on their constitution. (or “dosha”)

Here are some of the things that went down:

-Every day starts with a magnesium foot soak and a 4- hand massage. 2 people massaging me with lots of oil. No complaints!

-I got covered in chickpea paste and herbs then wrapped liked a mummy. That cooled my heat and pulled some crap out of my body. My bladder had an amazing “cooling” sensation.

-Another part of the cooling phase- She packed warm rice into a bundle, then patted down my body. A layer of crust formed on my skin. Then I sat and waited as it cooled the body. It felt cold! Good for a “Hothead.” Who me?

- Pouring warm Ghee over the pituitary gland is VERY RELAXING. This has to be useful for any mental condition. I had experiences, similar to a psychedelic journey. Lots of memories came up. Similar to a dream state. We did that 5 of the days. My anxiety is a lot lower. It also revealed what was causing my anxiety. Getting punched in the face too many times during my teenage years. The body doesn’t forget! And what a strange coincidence that such a variety of people felt the need to hit me in the face! (and the head and the teeth and the ribs) Bad luck I guess!

-I spent time breathing in herbal vapor while Wahneta massaged, put hot towels on my face, and oiled the lung and nasal areas.

-I did a full body steam and sweat every day. Apparently, with the right tools, you can do that on a massage table.

-Imagine making a cone of chickpeas and filling it with warm ghee to hold over specific organs- heart, adrenals, and bladder.

Even the EYES!!

This warmth and lubrication connect and reset the organs, RESTORING FUNCTION.

-And oh yeah, every day ends with an enema. Alternating days between herbal water enemas-- to flush toxins, and oil enemas-- to absorb oil. She used a lot less fluid volume than I have in the past. It was much easier. (sorry, no pics)

Some of the benefits:

We made progress with my bladder problem!

I feel smooooooth. This is great for orthopedic injuries. I can drop into a deep squat, aggressively, without any joint pain.

90% less joint cracking

Better breathing through the nasal cavity and lungs

I’ve lost 20lbs (over 2 months)

My vision is better

Improved digestion

Lowered anxiety

I’ll probably live longer.

Emotional stability

I passed a parasitic worm in my stool!

(I took a pic! DM me!)

It really is amazing how many ways the body can be treated. Our body gets dry and disconnected, it’s important to lubricate. I was starting to catch onto this with my clients. I wasn’t taught this in school, but there’s a reason Ayurvedic medicine has been doing it for thousands of years. Just like Yoga, it works.

This cleanse was the smartest one yet. Other fasts and cleanses can be aggressive and risky. I don’t see any downside or risk to doing Pancha Karma. It can be uncomfortable at times. But hey, all progress is uncomfortable. I definitely feel more serene than ever.

If you’re the type that avoids medication and likes natural solutions, call Wahneta.


She’s an experienced and relentless problem solver. She also does diet consultations, herbal consultations, parasite cleanses, and chemo/radiation recovery.

I’ve handed her over control of solving my bladder problem. She has a list of things for me to try until we fix it….if it’s the last thing I do!

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