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Focus on your weak link!

Focus on your weak link!

I find everyone has a weak link. Some people only sleep 6 hours per night. Some people have horrible posture or joint pain. Some people have hormonal or digestive issues. A lot of us need to lose weight. Some people have zero energy and others simply need to calm down!

We absorb tons of information on diets, supplements, and new ways to improve our health. We all want to feel better and live longer. But we all have different strengths and weaknesses. What helps one person may hurt someone else.

Here’s an example of how 2 people should do opposite things to improve their health.

Steve and Matt

Matt’s weak link is his bladder. Consuming any stimulant causes more frequent urination and stress to his kidneys. However, his circulation and pancreas are top notch!

Steve is diabetic. Consuming any sugar raises his blood sugar. Which worsens his condition. But Steve’s kidneys and bladder functional well.

If coffee good?

Coffee tastes great, Matt loves it. Many studies have shown its benefits. But it’s not the best thing for a guy with weak kidneys. Ideally, Matt should consume less coffee or avoid it completely.

But for Steve, there’s no sugar in coffee! Coffee even helps with his circulation and suppresses his appetite to help lower his blood sugar. Steve SHOULD drink coffee to improve his condition. Matt should not.

Is watermelon good?

Watermelon is delicious and natural. Matt does watermelon fasts to help clean his kidneys. It feels good. It improves his bladder condition. How can a natural food be bad for you, right? If Steve ate that much watermelon, he would have dangerously high blood sugar levels. Matt SHOULD eat watermelon. Steve should not.

In fact, it would be best if Matt avoided all stimulants and diuretics.

And for Steve, it would be best to minimize his total sugar and carbohydrate consumption.

That should be their focus!

What heals 1 person may poison another.

Someone with gall bladder symptoms should avoid saturated fat.

People with digestive issues may want to avoid dairy and gluten.

People with cardiovascular risk may want to avoid meat.

Maybe you’re overweight and need to eat less and workout more.

Tight muscles will improve with yoga.

Weak muscles will improve with strength training.

People that don’t sleep much, shouldn’t train as intense as those that do sleep.

When deciding which strategy is best FOR YOU, consider your weak link.

What is your weak link?

Do you currently have any health issues?

What is your family history?

No problems? What would you dream of optimizing?

Some examples:

High cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart history

Diabetes and neuropathy - circulation issues

Auto-immune issues- digestive problems, multiple joint pains

Psychological issues- OCD, Bipolar, ADD


You’re a smoker- lung cancer

Neurological issues- Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy

Cancer- breast, Prostate

Kidney and bladder

Nutrient deficiencies



Sexual dysfunction

Need more energy

Women who menstruate may need iron, those that don’t menstruate may need to give blood to get rid of excessive iron.

What bad habits or foods do you need to remove?

What do you need to add?

What do you need to make a PRIORITY?

What is LIMITING the quality and length of your life?!

You’re going to come across tons of information telling you what is healthy and what isn’t healthy.

Often, that information doesn’t not apply to you. All that matters are the things that will affect the quality and length of YOUR LIFE. Learn as much as you can about your weak link. Focus on improving it.


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