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Do this to hydrate, lubricate, and soften dry muscles before stretching

(Or, do this before Yoga Practice, Massage, Chiropractor, or Physical Therapy)

Who wants to work out when they’re 90? This will help!

Abraham Lincoln said,

“Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.”

The idea is to make the muscles soft before you work on them, so the change happens faster!

You're probably “hot and dry”- that’s why you’re reading this.

Here's what you can do!

Avoid or minimize things that are heating and drying you:

1. Caffeine

2. Alcohol

3. Nicotine or any smoking

4. Dry or packaged foods. Powdered and packaged supplements, even nuts and seeds.

5. Any diuretic that makes you pee. You could even minimize sweating.

Things to add:


1. Increase the amount of water you drink. Half your body weight, in ounces, is enough.

2. Take electrolytes- “Hi Lyte” drops, and “Trace mineral tablets” are my favorite.

3. Magnesium CHLORIDE foot soak or full bath. It softens your muscles. “Ancient Minerals”

Lubricate with oils and food:

1. Add Ghee to your diet. As often as possible. 1 tablespoon per meal.

2. Same with Olive oil-- As often as possible. 1 tablespoon per meal.

3. Eat wet foods- oatmeal, soups, stews, kitchari. Fruit is good.

Lubricating supplements: These are all oily

1. PC- “Body bio PC”- Phosphatidylcholine. It makes the nervous system feel smooth.

2. Fish oil- I use “Nordic natural ultimate omega” reduces inflammation.

3. CBD oil- relaxes the body, “Quicksilver CBD”

4. “Slippery elm prebiotic tea”- lubricates the intestines. Follow directions on the bottle.

Oil the body topically through the skin:

1. “Aroma bliss- pitta oil”- calming and cooling.

2. Or any moisturizing oil that you feel is effective.

You’ll notice the effects of the hydration very quickly. The lubrication may take days or weeks until you notice. It’s a deeper, more lasting change.

As you see. You can attack this from a lot of different angles. Start experimenting with a few of these. Keep in mind, it’s usually more beneficial to remove or minimize than it is to add. It’s also cheaper. Everything is safe.

The list never ends. You can add specific oil to your body, nose, hair, even your genitals!

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