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Books that influenced me

Like a lot of blogs on the internet, in the present day of information, it is nearly impossible to filter out all the irrelevant, the misleading, and the absolute wrong when it comes to Life, Motivation, Health, and Fitness. Over the past 15+ years, I have been trying to do exactly that. Whether it was working inside of a hospital, traveling across the globe, or constantly experimenting on myself or my willing clients and family members, I have been searching for the proven answers to all of these questions. Where is the root of a human beings motivation? What is the ideal diet for any particular situation? What is the best way to train? How can I develop the most productive set of habits as well as break all the patterns that limit what's possible?

On my journey, these are the books that have catalyzed progressions towards achieving many different goals for clients and family members. Each principle can be applied with simplicity and precision to jump start tactical approaches to success, each one with their own story.

It got me to ask the question "What am I the most scared of?" It inspired me to travel abroad and seek new perspectives. Addressing my own personal fears and biases allowed me to open the door to unpopular or alternative knowledge and experience. I no longer was afraid to experience things outside of my comfort zone or my culture.

by Paul Chek

I read this when I was at my unhealthiest. I was so frustrated with the advice I was getting from "experts". Everything in this book was so different from what I was being taught in my current environment. It seemed so restrictive. This is now the ideal I currently aim towards.

One of the best businessmen in fitness, Todd put together a well rounded program with Men's Health. He talks about how quickly he had to write the book. Seeing him speak live was uplifting. The man is inspired. He's been getting a lot of things done for years. Forward was written by Drew Brees. The program is written for a person with good health trying to take it to the next level.

My favorite Author and podcaster. This book taught me how to value my most precious resource, my time. From the principles in the book, I structured my business and my life to create opportunity and freedom while allowing space to grow into my passions.

The principles of Ketosis are all here: how to test ketones, dosages of fat, carbs , and proteins. This got me excited about ketosis, and since reading it, I have shared it with various clients. After reading it, my clients were inspired to try a low carb diet with a lot of success. From weight loss to healing, to lowered blood sugar for diabetics, this book give absolute clarity to one of the most intriguing diets emerging today.

Clearly a very short book. What if you outlined your life's goals, broke them down into objectives, and broke those down into tasks? Then, waking up every day and completing a few tasks is easy. You start to see that we often get caught up in busy work because we are trying to avoid making difficult decisions. Sit down, plan your life, make hard decisions, and then execute. People often underestimate what they can do in a year and overestimate why they can do in a day.

I worked with Mackie in a hospital setting for 5 years. We tested and tracked everything! Truly a fortunate experience for a young person with my passion. If you're looking to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously then this book has the dosage for exercise and rest. Trust me, we tested it.

Keto-like, clean, diet that fits some people's lifestyle. My personal diet (minus cofeee)

After experimenting with several diets for years, I've just about landed on this one. While I personally do not include or suggest caffeine in my diets, I do like the food quality and dosage that Dave recommends. He's clearly done similar experimentation to my own and come to similar conclusions.

Principals on how to make changes- shrink the change, take advantage of bright spots

Left brain, right brain, and your environment. It's great to know what we SHOULD do. How do we go about planning these changes in our environment and in our brain. It makes the big picture process realistic.

How to heal when stressed out. Long term.

After testing my Adrenals, via saliva, I saw that my cortisol- the hormone responsible for mental energy and focus which also reduces inflamation- was extremely low. When there are many systems down, this is the first one to get back online. This is your starting point. A year after reading this book and incorporating the strategies, I retested at a normal level. My energy is now way up, and I am much more active and excited when training clients. I GET SO MUCH MORE WORK DONE!

101--Deep cleansing, fasting, etc..

Mucoid plaque? Is this shit real? Pardon the pun. This inspired my trip to fast for 7 days in Thialand where I further updated my cleansing process. A lot came out of this trip! Whether the plaque is real or not, the fast and cleanse gave me a lot more energy and much better digestion. Incorprating western ketone and adrenal concepts with eastern fasting and cleansing is something I haven't seen anyone else do. And I must say, I do it effectively.

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