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1 year ZERO Alcohol! Summary

So! 1 year of ZERO alcohol is in the books. (As of Christmas day)

Nina did it too! I couldn’t imagine doing it without her!

And I have to say, I thought it would have been more difficult.

So, here are the benefits!

My ENERGY, FOCUS, and mental CLARITY are at an all-time high.

But how does that translate into a better life?

Well, I’m not playing catch up anymore. This opens up space to explore things I’ve had on the back burner... I met with some doctors, some therapists, and some other… let’s call them “experts.” I’m always working on my flaws. There’s always another layer to uncover. But I’m starting to feel like I’m not as much of a maniac anymore. Still a ways to go!

This year, I gained a much better sense of who I am- in relation to other people.

I’m extroverted. I’m intense. I’m more intuitive than I had previously thought.

I tend to burn out and get angry- I got better at managing that. I learned where to aim my aggression. I learned which types of people compliment my skillsets. I get a lot of energy and happiness from being around people. I get distracted easily. I tend to oversimplify. I’m not as good with details. I see the big picture.

I like moving forward! I got that fire! (shout out to CMB)

My health:

I exercised almost every Saturday morning this year.

I averaged 6 workouts a week. (could have been as low as 4 last year)

I developed an awesome team of workout partners!

Best year of sleep I’ve ever had! I wonder how many years that has added to my life?

I started using cutting edge devices to track sleep, movement, and recovery--multiple devices to see which ones are best. I incorporated some new mediation devices and techniques.

In June/ July, I went DEEP into some stretching a diet protocols. I to cut out ALL vices for a month. Caffeine, sugar, meat, dairy, gluten, and EVERYTHING else that can be potentially toxic. I had sooo much energy, too much, I only slept 4 hours a night.

I found some even better ways to “cool” the “heat” with my bladder pain.

I fell into a consistent rhythm with work, sleep, and food.

Without alcohol, I’m more sensitive to my energy fluctuations.

I haven’t noticed myself feeling depressed as often.

Coffee seems to be a lot worse than other sources of caffeine.

I may have eaten more this year than any other! Munchies…

But I’ll get my 6 pack for the wedding in June! Who wants to bet me?!

My work:

A number of clients are at their all-time best!!

I think my clients had better workouts this year. I updated some nerdy details.

I updated a number of policies and had A LOT of important conversations.

My relationships:

I got engaged! I gotta say, I think I crushed the proposal!

We overcame some nightmare house problems!

Leak discoveryà mold remediation à replaced all floors. Dealt with insurance.

And A LOT of other house issues are now resolved. I kept a 4-page spreadsheet to remind myself of how much we fixed!

“Fights” have become disagreements-- with discussions leading towards more clearly defined rules and expectations. A lot less volatility. Better connection.

I found myself of the phone this year walking and talking with close friends.

Calling just to talk and catch up.

I met Tony’s Robbins Son, Jairek! That guy, his wife, and his friends are some amazing people. I’m currently learning a lot from them at Performance Coach University!

The COVID curveball:

Whenever life sends you a problem, find the opportunity. COVID could have been an excuse to drink. I mean, what an exceptional situation! Right?!.......... No!

I could never! My close friends know how much I value honoring my commitments,

“If I say I’m going to do something, I do it.” Almost always!

And it worked out perfectly! Since there weren’t any social events! It actually made it a lot easier to not drink! And I noticed… I may get a little anxious around loud noises and multiple people talking. That may be one reason I drink more in social settings. Or maybe I’m just getting old! (36)

Uh oh! 1 year is over………Now what?!

There’s a lot to look forward to without booze in the way.

I look forward to my well rested weekend mornings, filled with energy! (Instead of guilt)

Wrestling with the dog and being silly with Nina.

(I’m writing this on a Sunday morning)

Comedy is fun. Watching fights are fun. Spending time with close friends and family helps me feel connected. Working out with the guys is fun.

Client results--- THRILLING!

But most importantly I set some new, GIANT goals. Dreams have become options.

I’m frightened that alcohol with capture me and steal this momentum.

Next year, my Performance Coaching business is going to LAUNCH like a rocket. I love it! And I’m freaking great at it.

It makes me happier than anything. And I need my focus to do it well!

And alcohol is never getting in the way of that dream!

Look, this post may sound a little arrogant. But the truth is, it really was a great year. Anyone can do it. And the best part--- there is nothing complicated about it. Not drinking is a superpower. 1 simple change and everything can get easier. I suggest having something in your life that makes it worth staying sober.

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