Online Training

I offer online training because it has been requested a lot!


I offer Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime training sessions at my regular rate.

Online coaching

People need ACCOUNTABILTY to interrupt the pattern! You have to dedicate a time to reflect and make decisions about your health. We build skills that you will keep forever.

(At the bottom of this page I describe my personal story)


The initial evaluation (Skype or in person) is  $100.


For 1 hour, we discuss your SPECIFIC, goals, injuries, exercises history, and supplements. I want to hear your story.

Then, I'll screen your movement to decide which exercises fit best.


Moving forward we will email and text at least 1x a week for accountability, updates, and to answer any questions. The packages and tools have been developed already. I will continue to update them to meet more specific needs.


It’s a simple plan with accountability.

You might agree to send in proof of exercise or proof of a weigh-in.

You could submit video or screen shots.

We'll measure something.


We update your routine, sometimes with video descriptions if needed.

Monthly packages: 


3 months online training $550  

($150 monthly + $100 Evaluation)


6 months online training  $850

($125 monthly + $100 Evaluation)


1 year online training  $1300

($100 monthly + $100 Evaluation)


Additional Skype meetings can be made at regular training rates, see the other page.


I can only handle a limited number of clients. Get a spot while you can!


All payments due before we begin.

I accept cash, Venmo, or credit/debit card over the phone. 


You will learn about yourself. 

You will get better. 

We will get results. 

My story: 


For the last 2 years I have been in a group with 2 other guys. We spend 1 hour a week on Skype. We set monthly goals and we put up money towards the group if we don't reach our goals. 

I stay motivated knowing that I have to face the group!

Because of this group:


I workout almost 6 days a week.

I meditate every morning.

I have a monthly fasting practice.


I've tracked and experimented with countless habits and tools. I find it very useful to discuss my health with like minded people. We exchange ideas and hold each other accountable. I've had friends try too replicate our group. It's too difficult to get 3 people on the same page. But you can get these benefits with my coaching! I would be soo bored with my job if I wasn't getting results. But I'm still doing this because its so much fun to help people!